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Prefered Contractors

EDC Technologies receives data and alerts on thousands of hot water systems every half hour of every day. Periodically our Account Managers are asked for references to "reputable mechanical contractors"… those who are more focused on solving the root cause of the problem rather than finger pointing and passing blame. The following contractors have proven to work closely with EDC Technologies to use the data and services we provide to assure that their clients are well maintained, as efficient as possible and as proactive as possible. The result is a new level of service and support for all involved.

Contractor Spotlight: Coastal Boilers

Coastal Boilers is a Southern California company specializing in boiler and water heater repairs, installations, and service. Services include all piping, valves, and filter systems related to the property. Several EDC Technologies clients have recommended Coastal Boilers, completely unsolicited, and we have yet to hear any negative comments about the service they provide. Coastal Boilers has embraced EDC’s technology realizing our monitoring and diagnostics saves them time and money as well as the property. With our monitoring and data logging capabilities, Coastal Boilers and the individual property can see if any adjustments or replacement of parts fixes any issue almost immediately. EDC and Coastal Boilers working as a team have ensured that almost any costly problem at a property will be taken care of right away, saving the property money and minimizing any resident/tenant complaints. Mark Leazer is the primary contact for Coastal and can be reached at (626) 263-0304 or ml@coastalboilers.com