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Red Lion Hotel

Client: Positive Investments Inc

Property: Red Lion Hotel

PropID: 3164


Initial State: Boiler system is in standard operation. Operational system temperatures inconsistent and fluctuate dramatically.

Steps Taken: EDC Control is installed and placed into Profile Mode. At this point boiler operation is recorded and a demand profile is created. This profile is extremely precise, with a higher operational dead band (range of temperature).In the next week Baseline Mode is initiated and limited control smoothes out temperature ranges and system performance is enhanced due to longer boiler run times per cycle. Finally, the EDC Control engages system control and through temperature modulation, temps sent to guests become predictable and stable (Savings Mode).

End Result: When the EDC Control is installed and Savings Mode is applied, temperatures are controlled to exacting standards using proprietary algorithms. Boiler(s) run more efficiently adding years to their operational life and yield savings wherever possible in the daily usage cycle


Summary: Net result in operational saving is a healthy 24% and natural gas usage is reduced accordingly. It should be noted that an EDC Controller is also controlling the kitchen boiler, by cycling off the system when the kitchen closes and ramping up for the next day’s use. These economics are not part of the analysis.

% Saved: 24.00 %