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Chamberlain West Hollywood

Client: La Salle Hotel Properties

Property: Chamberlain West Hollywood

PropID: 3112


Initial State: Monitored system in Standard operation from 3/24-3/30/2011. System was healthy and had delivery temperatures fluctuating from 134 to 151 degrees.


Steps Taken: Since the system was healthy, no changes were necessary at the property level. The EDC system was placed into control mode on 4/02/2011 using the Storage to Boiler sensor as the primary sensor for control. After some minor adjustments, the system was able to put the control in a savings schedule on 4/14/2011. The system was placed into a "lead / lag" setup with the peak temperature set to 135 degrees high temp and 115 degrees low temp on boiler #1 and 130 degrees high temp and,110 low temp on boiler #2 to equal boiler run times.


End Result: Significant improvements to the systems operation were seen via more consistent temperatures being delivered to guests in addition to reductions in operational temperature fluctuations in the delivery temperatures.


Summary: Installed control, monitored for 1 month, placed into standard schedule, then tuned control to current settings. The gas usage was reduced by 25.4% in controlled operation vs standard operation.

% Saved: 25.40 %