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Taylor 28

Client: BRE Properties Inc.

Property: Taylor 28

PropID: 2600


Initial State: Property has two sites. Each site has two boilers. Both systems were running smoothly with unnecessarily high delivery temperatures. The boilers were running constantly and the gas usage was relatively high.


Steps Taken: Both systems were analyzed for proper flow and operation. The EDC Control was placed in a "flat line schedule" to start controlling the system. Each site was analyzed to establish an operational profile and a savings schedule was established that met hot water demand (which also provided for decreased gas consumption). The new operational profile was implemented and temperature set points were reduced. With the new profile the hot water demand was still satisfied.


End Result: Reached optimal gas usage savings and kept hot water demand stable.


Summary: Both systems had good water flow and operation as a result we were able to be aggressive and turn down temperatures without showing any negative affect.


% Saved: 27.40 %