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Atria - Golden Creek

Client: Atria Senior Living Group

Property: Atria Golden Creek

PropID: 1672

Initial State: EDC control was installed on 3/13/2009. The system was monitored for 2 1/2 months with delivery temperature fluctuations from 112 to 118 degrees and return loop loss of only a few degrees. The control was put into a savings schedule on 5/26/2009.

Steps Taken: Since system was healthy no changes were made at the property level. Based on the analyzed demand, we established the appropriate savings schedule. Temperatures set points were adjusted for better boiler operation and gas usage savings.


End Result: Boiler was commissioned to reached optimal gas usage savings and boiler operation.


Summary: Since the initial EDC control was in 2009 the savings analysis was outdated. To get accurate data we ran a new base line schedule during 7/12-7/18/2011 and compared it to controlled operation from 7/4- 7/10/2011.The gas usage was reduced by 15.2% in controlled operation vs standard operation.


% Saved: 15.20 %