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Sample Water Heater/Boiler Configurations

About 90 % of Hotels/Motels, 60% of Apartments/Condos, and 75% of Resturaunts have hot water equipment configurations that are amenable for the implementation of EDC's Technologies Hot Water Control technology.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • You need a storage or mixing tank. this can be a water heater or a seperate tank which "buffers" the hot boiler temperatures from your hotel guests

  • You need a recirculation loop. This is the pipe that delivers water to your hotel rooms and returns that water to be reheated

  • There needs to be a recirculation pump on the loop. This is the pump that circulates the water back to the boiler

  • Some heat exchanger based applications are also applicable, however please consult with an EDC representative for details

See the following pictures as examples of appropriate environments. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact EDC.


Examples of Appropriate Environments:
Commercial water heaters with central storage
Stand alone commercial water heater
Multiple boilers to 1 storage tank
Stand alone boiler to storage
Multiple boilers to multiple storage