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EDC Technologies, Inc



Located in Sebastopol California, EDC Technologies, Inc. partners with multi-family apartment owners, property management companies and Natural Gas Utilities to bring forth energy efficiency, conservation, monitoring and overall safety to domestic hot water systems.

In 1985 EDC Technologies, Inc. pioneered our first domestic hot water product that allowed the usage of a domestic hot water system to better match the actual consumption that is required by a typical facility. The end result of that effort was improved efficiency along with significant cost savings.

That initial system has evolved several times into a much more sophisticated yet simple platform. Today, with the advent of the internet, energy savings are achieved by analyzing and programming water temperature to meet the actual demand needed for each half hour on a weekly cycle. Additionally, savings are achieved through designing and continuously fine-tuning the heating system for maximum efficiency. This entire process is handled online and is 100% accessible to our clients.

EDC Technology clients not only achieve significant energy savings, but they are also provided with remote and proactive monitoring which records of the nuances of day to day usage looking for system anomalies and performance irregularities. This proactive approach ensures that cost effective changes can and will be made in order to maintain system efficiency. In addition, should a domestic hot water emergency actually occur, the EDC system will have tracked what happened within your domestic hot water environment allowing repair personnel the ability to analyze and expedite resolution.

The end result is that EDC Technologies, provides your facilities with optimal energy savings without cash outlay and without risk.


What We Do

Our Benefits

A wide range of industry segments benefit from our technology - from Owners to Tenants, Contractors and the Environment as a whole benefit from more efficient hot water savings.

Our Technology

We achieve continuous savings by deploying our proprietary Hot Water Controller technology in conjunction with our proprietary communications network on your boiler environment. 

Our Value

EDC Technology monitors your environment continually, thus providing energy savings, as well as, overall operational efficiency.



Read more about our energy conservation utility programs with San Diego Gas & Electric and the Southern California Gas Company!




Contractor Spotlight: Coastal Boilers

Coastal Boilers is a Southern California company specializing in boiler and water heater repairs, installations, and service. Services include all piping, valves, and filter systems related to the property. Several EDC Technologies clients have recommended Coastal Boilers, completely unsolicited, and we have yet to hear any negative comments about the service they provide...





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