For Multi-Family and Hotel to Commercial Properties and more...

Our Savegas Smart Control automatically monitors, records, and controls your water temperatures by learning about your usage patterns.

Savegas provides an easy to use leading Smart Hot Water Control and Monitoring System for multi-family and hotel to commercial properties. Our Smart Controller automatically controls your water temperature by learning your properties usage patterns to ensure the delivery of safe and efficient hot water, all the while eliminating wasted energy consumption, tenant complaints and an overall reduction in system maintenance costs.

Smart notifications alert you in the event of a system issue

Remote Access and Smart Notifications

Our smart alert notifications will notify you and your staff of potential system issues early, helping to prevent tenant complaints, system downtime and costly repairs. Remotely monitor your system with the Savegas Portal on your web or mobile device. Our Smart Control technology utilizes cellular connectivity to ensure an uninterrupted network connection.

Get Instant Savings

Our system can reduce your properties energy consumption, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint by upto 30%.  And since our Savegas controller and sensors have the ability to retrofit to any type of system, new or existing, anyone can qualify as a Savegas candidate

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Savegas has been delivering safe and efficient hot water to hundreds of thousands customers for over 35 years. Our knowledgeable team of Hot Water System Specialists is just a phone call away to help you remotely monitor your system to ensure ongoing efficiency and optimization.

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