What our Savegas customers have to say...

Hello Savegas, 


I wanted to drop a note about the excellent service we have received at HCHC from Savegas and specifically Ralph and Brent. 


First, the onboarding process for our different properties with Ralph, who endured many meeting and questions because we were initially very skeptical, was easy, simple, and smooth. Ralph, was helpful and never pushy (amazing for a salesman) but also got us to get all the initial paperwork and appointments done while understanding we had 100 other priorities. He continued to field questions and deal with issues even after we signed on the dotted line.


Secondly, Brent has been absolutely wonderful, and has made the money we are paying worth it just by his service alone. He has saved our organization enormous amounts of time by dealing with our property managers on boiler issues, sharing his expertise and knowledge while ensuring everything continues to run efficiently. Our managers know they can turn to him when they have a question or issue and will get a prompt reply which allows me to do everything else I need to do.


Do everything you can to keep them; raises, vacations, steak dinners --whatever you can. I know we will remain a customer as long as their level of service and excellence is a part of Savegas.





Asset Manager

HCH Corporation

March 17, 2020

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