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We provide a simple monthly service plan which includes our 

  • Smart Control and Monitoring system with lifetime warranty

  • Remote access to the Savegas Portal

  • Cellular connectivity

  • Premium phone support to our US based specialist


Many properties qualify for an energy savings rebate through their local utility company waving the upfront installation cost and provides immediate savings.

Save energy and receive incentives from SoCalGas®​

This incentive program is designed to help multifamily properties save energy and money

with their central hot water system.

Central Water Heater Multifamily Boiler Control Rebate Program

Controllers and Dual Set Point Controllers for Natural Gas Water Heaters/Boilers

An efficient controller can reduce natural gas consumption and reduce water heating bills up to 20 percent. Save $700 on graph model controllers for buildings of 35 units or fewer. Save $1,400 on graph model controllers for buildings of 36 units or more.

Our award winning team will install Savegas Energy Control and Monitoring services and complete the necessary rebate paper work on your behalf.

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