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EDC  works with a wide variety of centralized heating systems. Our Savegas technology and service is flexible and designed to integrate with most systems to enable

monitoring, alerting and remote control.  

Savegas offers solutions that provide customization necessary to maximize

benefits and use of for your property.

Savegas Compatible Systems

The Smart Controller can integrate with these components within your system:

Boiler/Water Heater - Storage Tank - Delivery/Return Loop - Circulation Pump - Tempering Valve -

Solar - HVAC - Heat Pumps - Tankless Water Heaters, plus more...







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Senior-Care Facility



Savegas applications
are customized to your property

Initial Health Analysis and Personalized Customization
At the start of each installation we monitor, gather data and learn about your property.  Our EDC Team studies your system very closely and provides you with an initial whole system health analysis for your property. We report and provide data in regard to any system issues found and help you and your team validate repairs if applicable. Once system health is established, we gather a period of monitoring only data with the system in standard operation. This allows our system to create a baseline and train our machine learning algorithm to predict usage.  We gather  baseline data compared to a Savegas energy setback schedule to measure how much savings and optimization we are generating for your property.





























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Streamline Operations
We perform both webinar and onsite training providing access to all relevant property staff.  Savegas streamlines the communication, alert and response for your water management system.  This eliminates the lost time in communication and response that many traditional properties deal with today.  Onsite technicians can get valuable insights and alerts while property managers can monitor energy consumption and uptime.  We provide multiple methods of notification delivery from email to sms.

Flexibility and Control
Although Savegas uses data intelligence to monitor and control your system, you have the ability to override the system and manually set target temperatures at any time and in real-time.  Easily access and control your system with the touch of your mobile phone.  

Management Reports
We understand that properties may require special reporting on system efficiency.  We can create and provide detailed, customized reports across your entire system for you and your team.   

Increase System Efficiency without Expensive System Upgrades
Bring your hot water management system to the highest efficiency without the costly investment of upgrading existing appliances. By installing Savegas you can retrofit your existing system to get more use our of your current assets. Savegas control and monitoring also enables you to extend the life of your system by understanding where the potential weakness are and address issues early.

Don't see your type of property? Contact us to learn if we can help you!

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